Governance and conflict: Breaking the vicious circle

A symbiotic relation exists between conflict and weak governance. One feeds into the other, establishing a vicious circle of violent conflict, which further exacerbates the fragility of governance systems, and weakens further the already frail State and its ineffective institutions, which contributed to the eruption of the conflict in the first place.  In a conflict setting, it is very challenging to introduce change and chart a path towards reforms, socio-political stability and durable peace. 

Fragile states, some of them nascent or struggling polities, face many hurdles in attaining anything close to a stable peace, let alone achieving sustainable development, in the absence of a strong and effective rule of law-based institutional framework. Outright violence committed by non-state actors, the potential presence of vast numbers of refugees, weak or non-existent government infrastructure, limited access to basic services…etc., are all symptoms of the essential ill, i.e. weak governance and public institutions.


ICDI Admin