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Empowering local actors towards peace

International Centre for Dialogue Initiatives is the first independent platform in the MENA region that is dedicated to mediation, conflict prevention, conflict resolution and promoting dialogue. It was created by veterans of UN mediation with deep roots in the region to serve as a forum for generating, analyzing and testing home-grown ideas that could enable key parties in conflicts to reach a negotiated settlement. ICDI works with well-respected experts in the region and the world to support Track One and Track Two diplomatic initiatives including processes facilitated by the UN.


Rethink current peace processes in the region and help address political deadlocks.


Design national dialogue processes and provide substantive and operational support to peace initiatives.


Develop policy ideas for conflict prevention in countries with a deficit in governance.


An expanding global initiative

ICDI began its initial activities with a focus on some of the most challenging crises in the region. All three armed conflicts continue unabated due largely to failing peace processes and no credible diplomatic initiatives from within the region are underway. For this reason ICDI decided to focus initially on these three conflict situations by mobilizing experts from the region to develop ideas, tools and serve as a platform for developing indigenous solutions to the political questions confounding these intractable crises that have devastated the lives of millions of people. However, ICDI core objective is intended to evolve over time to consider conflict prevention in other countries where there are serious governance deficits that could result in future crises and failing states.

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If you want to make peace with your enemy, you have to work with your enemy. Then he becomes your partner.

Nelson Mandela